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Mediterraneo Garden Apartments are situated in the small Mediterranean village of Petrčane, near Zadar. Due to its natural beauty and breathtaking sunsets Petrčane is considered one of the most beautiful places of the Zadar County. It is situated between two large capes, Punta Skala and Punta Radman, surrounded by dense pine forests and olive trees.

This picturesque village located in the usnpoiled nature is ideal for peaceful vacation and enjoying crystal clean sea. The vicinity of National Parks, Nature Parks and towns of Zadar and Nin makes it a great starting point for many daily trips.

If you wish to have an active holiday, there are various sports facilities, and great offer of local restaurants will satisfy everyone who wishes to try tasty local dishes. A marina is located in the village where all types of boats can be accommodated.

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Punta Radman 3. put, XXI street, no. 1,
23 231 Petrčane


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Krka Waterfalls National Park is a wonderful place for everybody. Be ready to feel the power of extraordinary waterfalls. Welcome to traditional Dalmatian village and the place where Croatia stepped into the modern electric power era.


Sea Organ is situated on the western end of Zadar´s Riva, and can be observed as a differently shaped part of the coast which consists of several stairs that descend into the sea. The organ looks like a series of broad steps leading down into the water…


Visiting the old city of Zadar, the old church St. Donat, the Cathedral St Anastasia, Museums, monuments and palaces you get to know all about the rich history of this beautiful old city. Your walk along the cobblestone streets of the city will become a walk through history.


If we head north from Petrčane, we will notice magnificent shape of Velebit mountain that towers like a guard over Zadar area. In its southern part, Paklenica National Park is located, known for its beautiful vegetation in the form of lush forests that are unusual for this rocky side of mountain that faces sea, as well as for its canyons of Small and Big Paklenica with steep cliffs called „kukovi“ which have become a top destination for free climbers and there are free climbing competitions all over the year.


This unique National Park includes Kornati archipelago which consists of hundred islands, islets and rocks which make it an ideal destination for boat trips. There are ten marinas and several excellent restaurants which is why all lovers of sailing and good food consider it one of the top destinations. Rich marine life provides a unique experience for visitors who wish to try scuba diving. The outer part of the archipelago is especially interesting as so-called Kornati „crowns“ can be found there, which are steep cliffs on the border islands that face the open sea.


A mere hour of driving from Petrčane takes you to the Nature Park with the biggest freshwater lake in Croatia, Vrana lake. Lush vegetation, many swamp bird species that nest there, huge freshwater surface right next to the sea, these are the reasons that make this park unique. There are cycling and walking paths, and one can enjoy the magnificent view of the lake, sea and nearby islands from the lookout. One must not miss visiting Maškovića Han and 9th century Benedictine monastery.


It’s a small town just a few miles from Petrčane, situated on a small island in the middle of sand lagoon, and has uninterrupted history that spans over three millennia. Nin used to be an important residence of Croatian nobility, and its long running history produced many monuments from all periods, from Roman remains through medieval cathedral to later buildings. Nin is also known for its production of salt, and visitors can see the entire process of making the most important spice in the world.


The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest national park in Croatia, world famous for their beauty. Located in the mountainous part of the region of Croatia, the Lika-Senj County, they are known for their beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature. Sixteen emerald-green and blue lakes cascade one after another between the forested mountain slopes and are connected with each other by numerous waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes can also be proud of various vegetation where orchids stand out, with over 50 species which grow in the area of the park.


The first Croatian themed amusement park, Fun Park Mirnovec, is situated in northern Dalmatia, between Pakoštane and Biograd. The park is an ideal destination for family outings since the youngest and oldest members of the family will enjoy it equally. It spreads over 45 thousand square meters and consists of three thematic units: The Wild West, the Pirate City, and the Universe, each with different attractions. The park has a souvenir/gift shop and catering facilities (bars and restaurants), so dining in the park is possible.

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